Aki Seerose

I am working on a full size novel (aiming for 160K words) that will fit into the Erotica Category (Paranormal Erotica, to be specific). The book has numerous explicit sex scenes but they exist solely for the purpose of advancing the plot.The major story line is a murder investigation and the choices my main character (a female ER doctor) must make in determining what path to follow in her life–to become a shape shifting/werewolf with her male lover, to become a vampire with her female love or, to remain human and be uncommitted to either.  My question is, how important is an abundance of sex scenes when you are purchasing an Erotica book? Does it have to have a lot of sex, or are the occasional great sex scenes interspersed throughout the book enough? The book has plenty of action and thrills, but at this point only a handful of sex scenes.The short…

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