Job Talk with Anita Clew

Dear Anita,

For some time now, I have been tolerating the slowly encroaching mess that is accumulating around me at my office. Everywhere I look, something new is piling up. How can I politely inform my coworkers to be respectful and keep our office clean?

Working in a messy space can be distracting, disruptive, and downright disgusting. Many people are trying to save money by bringing home-packed lunches, and the tidy disposable containers you get from the Mexican place around the corner are being replaced with Tupperware that has the tendency to get lost in the crevices of the break room refrigerator or be left out for days without getting washed.

Like many before me have said: “At our office, we are like family. But that doesn’t mean I will clean up after you like momma.” I would first advise that you consult your HR Manager. The last thing you…

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