Job Talk with Anita Clew

A reader writes:

“Hi Anita. I have been hearing rumors that employers are checking out their employees’ and interviewees’ social media profiles and postings. Is this true?”

Dear Social Butterfly,

Yes, many employers do take into account your presence in the social media arena when they are looking to hire you. I even had one manager ask me about it on this site – check out “Facebook – A Hiring Manager’s Best Friend” here.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs (such as this one), and other social networking sites can give employers insight into how you present yourself, your behavior, and how you will perform as an employee. They will look at your pictures, your personal postings, the way you communicate with others, even your written communication (grammar, punctuation, and spelling)! Bottom line is, anything you post will have an impact on your image.

Here are some helpful…

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