By Linda Carroll

Miracle Mom Survives Massive Blood Loss To Deliver Healthy Baby

From the very first prenatal visit it was clear there was something wrong with Gina Walker’s pregnancy.
“They  couldn’t find a heartbeat,” she told TODAY’s Ann Curry. “And they told me that I most likely had miscarried.” She hadn’t – but the complications continued. “Every week there was a new diagnosis. Every week it was something new. I had blood clots, hemorrhages.”
Walker eventually gave birth to a healthy baby girl, but she nearly lost her life in the process. It took almost 35 gallons of blood and seven days in an induced coma to save the San Antonio woman who is now being called the “miracle mom.”
For months doctors were bewildered by the perplexing array of complications. Then, at 20 weeks, Walker’s physicians figured out what was plaguing her pregnancy: a rare, potentially life-threatening condition…

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