I am Such a Dick. (…and Other Eloquent Musings from my Award Show Acceptance Speech…)

Mikalee Byerman

Here we are: The beginning of awards season. People’s Choice last night, Golden Globes this weekend, and then it’s onto the Oscars.

Yet I haven’t even expressed gratitude for the shiny new awards lining my own virtual shelves.

I can’t even begin to tell you all how truly honored I am each and every time I receive a virtual “nod” from one of my blogging friends, and yet I’ve never really acknowledged them publicly. Or even obeyed the rules of the awards.

Told ya: I’m a total dick.

Can I just claim to be In the bathroom the whole time, like Christine Lahti when she received the Golden Globe and they couldn’t find her – because she was peeing?

Yeah, probably not.

So here is the award-show wrap-up post. And it’s a long one, my apologies. You’ll wish we had musicians to cut me off, mid-presentation…

Anyhow, the rules of…

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